The best things come, when you just do what you “want.”

When you think less and “be” more, no motivation other than the momentum of your own internal calling.

When you do not adhere to a set schedule or a forced way, but let it come to you when it’s ready.

When you do not try to prematurely label, confine or constrict some meaning or identity to any of it, but let it reveal to you.

The best things come, when you just are who you are.

The drive is different, the result is stronger— as it does not generate from ego desires or the projected ideas of others, it comes from the soul.

A calling that echoes in the silence of every crevice inside of you, no matter how suffocated it has been before. It breathes life regardless.

The best things come to us when we just do what we “want” — as long as it is aligned with divine intention, in honor of the good will and benefit of self, others, god. And that can be a lot more casual and simple than you think.

It may look like — you just doing some weird thing that perhaps may not match the misplaced label of society or someone you know..

Although it seems random, it could be the thing that leads you to actually remember.. the real reason as to why you are here. Who you are and how to naturally be it. It’s an energy.

So don’t do it how they told you it had to be done, do it how you want to. Only you know the way it must be done, by you, as you.

Honor what it means to be you, find your own way.

Breathe, and you’ll remember how, now.

and so it is.

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