Revisit Your Agreements

Revisit Your Agreements

𓏒 Revisit your Agreements 𓏒

With people, locations, roles, relationships, substances, situations, and yourself.

Due to the miraculous shift that continues to take place in honor of the external chaos causing a much-needed restructure~

We have officially clicked into a new timeline.

As we welcome ourselves into this new world and way of being, it is vital that we bring awareness to the rolls and relationships we have and hold with all things.

Doing so without judgement is key, as all versions and realities of self are necessary and sacred in their own way.

This is purposed to allow you space to reconsider what truly is best for you.

A reform in realms of all selves is taking place- and it doesn’t need to happen in an abrupt or jolting way.

Simply bring awareness to where you feel the need to interact differently with certain things that have made it to this point in your life, and are present in your field.

Contracts are completing. Rewriting and restructuring. A new being is birthing, in harmony and honor of all that is to Be.

Embodiment of an infinite identity, that perhaps takes a new formula altogether may be what is required. A form that is fluid, authentic, and forever evolving.

As nature and her elements transition and adapt to changes and cycles with unapologetic permission~ we too thrive in conditions of freedom and expanded evolution.

This is your Reminder.

Lean into the nuances calling you forward~ as grand or minor as their alteration may presently appear. These changes are the steps towards the ultimate goal in which resides in your soul.

You are already what you what been trying to become.

The universe and all benevolent expressions of Divinty support you now, these codes ring true in all realms.

And So It Is 𓄂𓆃

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And so it is ✨


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