Resilient Rebirth

Resilient Rebirth

The passage from death into New Life

A Resurrection of Spirit, within us All

The next level of journey- from having rooted and harmonized in the underworld, to rise and take throne in the Heavens

A ripening, a readiness

A reason, a realized redirection

The fruits that have fallen- composted into fueling fresh life, now dripping from every limb

The new way woven within,

delicious and desired

Purity Codes✧

Source Creation ✧

The Original Christ Consciousness ✧

Can you feel the gentle, supportive and enticing pull forward?

If not, try relaxing- be still and feel the subtle vibrations newly awoken, and their contagious will to invigorate and enliven

Sync into the openness presenting itself now

This is for You, for Us, for All ✧ 𓋹

And So It Is~

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