Savor the Flavor

Savor the Flavor

What’s the rush, love?

In knowing that this moment will never again exist, you will never again be as young as you are in this form, and this day will never come again—

What is the rush? What/where else could you possibly need to be? Right now, it’s here.

This phase in your life, who and how you are, location and living situation, your current routines and activities, what you have, who you’re with, what you want, what you enjoy, even the way you experience and interact with others— is precious and temporary. All of it will never be experienced in this way, as this version of you, ever again.

Cherish it.

Why wait until it is over, once it is gone, after it has ended— to enjoy and truly appreciate it?

Perhaps you didn’t know how valuable, fragile, special, and impermanent a season in your life was, and therefore didn’t fully honor it while you had it or were there. Perhaps you are even doing that now…

It is often we take for granted what is of greatest value to us, yet seemingly simple or obvious; like our health, youth, family, relationships, resources, talents— because we are used to them, we expect, bypass, or even override them.

Yet when things are intentionally watered, acknowledged, tended to, nourished, and appreciated, they flourish.
The whole garden grows with abundance.

Reminisce on the present with appreciation,
Adore it all now.
Take a moment to pause, to be still and gain the gift of the moment.
Treasure it, respect it, let it liberate you to see how precious and perfect, everything already is.
No rush, just us. Just this. Right now.
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