Speak your truth

Speak your truth

Always speak up when you feel called to.

Listen to the whispers that sing full songs— in calling you forward, when it’s time.

It is not always time, but when it is— it’s fuckin TIME.

Your truth, your opinion, your suggestion, your chosen action— could lead to save a life.

It could be the small thread that weaves the whole back together for someone, it could be the resistance required to prevent a tragedy, the divine interference that causes a timeline shift— for the better.

Your energetic influence always has an effect that ripples larger than you know, and may play a major key role in the highest purposed reality— no matter how minor or major it may initially seem.

And when you do choose to honor that inner calling; the importance, resonance, accuracy and intelligence of your intuitive voice— will be revealed externally. In a way in which you cannot deny, or even take credit for.

God is always working through us.

Let yourself be a vessel of truth, for the Divine.

Honor the fact that you may have been chosen, to be a lifeline.
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