Spirituality as a trend

Spirituality as a trend

Spirituality is not a trend or a phase, Divinity is not a temporary experience, manifestation is not a myth, and God is not made up.

Being spiritual is a way of life that unlocks an interconnectedness within all things by connecting and attuning to the divine life force and godly essence in which resides within all. It is by acknowledging the true sacredness and purity that is always ever present at the core of all creation— that we become enlightened.

Connection to spirit is a reality that is either actively attuned to, or not. It is either experienced and enjoyed or dulled and possibly distorted.

Regardless, it is always real.

You are spirit; in physical form. Therefore anything you do with intention, is spiritual.

The way in which you connect to spirit is subject to change because evolution is the law of nature and way of all creation. By surrendering to adaptations and the different phases and frequencies you are called to explore and embody throughout your own seasons; you evolve, expand, enlighten— and thus live your earthly purpose.

Be open and receptive to what ways in which you are called to explore your own spiritual connection with existence. Everything will always eventually lead you, back to you.

What makes you feel the presence of god?
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