Success is a frequency you feel— it is not a destination.

It is an energy that creates new pathways of possibility within you, strengthening your connection from spirit to earth and your ability to channel ideas/inspiration into manifested form.

No tangible or physical thing can be acquired or attained, in which matches the true substance of success.

Because it is not just about what you are doing— it is how you feel as you are doing it, and the access to your own reservoir of magic; in which it awakens within you.

There is no tangible “place” or “thing” that one owns after an accomplishment— besides the eternal knowing of potential, capability and competence; you now know, you have.

It is the clarity through challenge, the connection that strengthens, the fire to keep foraging, the trust and allowance of alignment beyond you, the required presence of all parts of you that unite to make something happen.

Success comes from the combined feeling of it all, as it is being done.

The joy, clarity, and light that shines through you when you are in your personal purpose and making progress— is the ultimate success.

That is what sustains you.
That is the reward.

And when activated properly, the essence of success and fulfillment becomes contagious— others feel it and naturally align to their highest timeline in reflection of your frequency of feeling, to emanate their own version of attained contentment and “success.”

You already have it all, now.
Tune in, to receive.
And so it is✨
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