The joy of “missing out”

The joy of “missing out”

Jomo: the Joy Of Missing Out


The opposite of “fomo” the fear of missing out. Jomo is a contentment and full appreciation of the present moment that allows relaxation and thus a realization— into unconditional and reasonless joy.


Rather than draining energy worrying about where you could be or what you could be doing, instead— Jomo is the act of fully enjoying and further exploring where you are now. To receive and experience the gift that every moment offers you, here.


Pull your energy back into yourself and alter your perspective to see it from a different angle. Recognize how temporarily divine and of value every experience is to you, all that combines to create it, it’s unique essence and environment — one you may even reminisce of soon.


Diffusing the need to always be “involved, a part of things, seen, or recognized as valuable.”

Knowing that your energy is potent, palpable, and felt regardless of what you outwardly achieve and show up to. You will always show up and be where you are meant to. All that you seek is seeking you, and starts within.


The more you settle into your own space and time, the more you also detach yourself from expired contracts, dynamics, situations, and timelines that do not serve you. Thus creating more alignment and space to ACTUALLY receive what you want and need, finally.


So to place yourself outside of your purposed experience by being fearful of what you could be “missing out” on, actually causes you to miss out on the magic that presents itself to you now, moving forward, and is to inspire you to take action towards - next.


Plus rest and recalibration is necessary. The spaces of pause and presence in between all the “doing” and “being” is where you evolve, integrate, and upgrade in permanent ways. You advance and encode your lessons during these times, so that you and others can actually benefit from the work you do, in physical reality.


So enjoy, and be IN JOY while you do what you do. When you are grateful for today, tomorrow gets even better. And so it is♥️

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