The Origin of Halloween

The Origin of Halloween

Halloween = “All is Holy”

A celebratory day of remembrance and reverence of the ancient city Atlantis and the “fall” that catalyzed a major shift in the consciousness of humanity.

Today is an anniversary for when the lifetime long battle of balance into harmony; the dark and the light, the ego and the heart— amplified to manifest an implosion of duality, that exploded externally to end an extended eon.

This event imprinted into the encodings of the collective field of consciousness, and pierced a glitch in the matrix that thins the veil of illusion around this time each year.

With this awareness we can intentionally utilize the energies offered during this portal and declare our chosen resonance and frequency by how we show up, think, feel, and act.

Although the occurrence of the past in which today symbolizes was catastrophic and unideal, all happenings are always purposed. Everything always comes from and leads back to the Divine. Contrast grants clarity and awareness of new evolutionary opportunity. The direction forward.

We are rewriting the past to cocreate a fresh present and future for us all.

If you’d like to do something to honor today and the past that has paved the importance of peace in the future, create an altar or a sacred space of representation to honor your own past or that of our ancestors and soul lineages. See and envision the future of harmony, happiness, alignment and light, manifesting for all. Involve yourself with the reality of the revealed truth, by how you intentionally exist.

If you feel called to “dress-up,” do so to celebrate and liberate an aspect of yourself or the collective consciousness. Giving yourself permission to bring light to an energy, archetype, past life, or a dormant part of yourself that desires to be seen and integrated. What you do today, amplifies divinely

Plus as humanity continues to awaken from the odd two years of attempted “masking” .. more is being revealed, unmasked, exposed, and faced.

Happy Holy Hallows revealed


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