True Confidence

True Confidence

True confidence comes from..


ACCEPTANCE— of your full self, all parts of you, the hideous, the hilarious, the harmonious, and the heathen, plus everything in between. This acceptance encodes an awareness that translates subconsciously, to align you to naturally and innately act, think, express and embody as who you truly are. Even when doing things new or mysterious, this acceptance supports you in knowing that you should and can be confident even while your voice is shaking.


COMPASSION— which is generated through this experience, as you accept and love the good and bad within you, you become able to fully do so for others. Your dynamic and relationship with all things shift, and relaxation and comfortability replaces chaos and confusion.


COURAGE— that naturally rises from the depths within, once you have felt this acceptance and compassion. A purpose, a desire, a clarity and a connection surfaces and guides you accordingly. You are more excited and ready to lean into, explore, and embody your best version of yourself.

IMMUNITY— of your sovereignty, thoughts, feelings, physical body, and connection to truth— increases through this. You naturally attune to higher frequencies where you are less susceptible to disturbances and distractions of distortion. Your health amplifies and presence becomes your daily medicine.

AMPLIFICATION— of your authentic, confident, and courageous frequency increases and becomes contagious. This gently influences and invites others to also give themselves permission to be their authentic selves, and confident about it. In result we have more awakening to their true power and being who they came to be on earth, who we all need them to be, who god and the universe created them to be. Divine.

Confidence comes from remembering who you are, and when you do— you will never again question.

and so it is♥️

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