Unleash Love

Unleash Love
Let your love unleash.
Like completely, unapologetically, and unashamed— Without reason or need for response, not requiring anything in return..
Letting your love spill out into all the crevices and creases, pouring proudly into every ounce of existence— encompassing and enlivening everything that is, and isn’t..
Regardless of the reactions or responses, the details or destination of where the love ends up
An eruption of ecstasy that awakens even the sleepiest of hearts, and is both intoxicating and sobering—
An overflow of juicy bliss beams and sweet embrace to all that exists no matter it’s face or fears.
Where the love is big, loud and raw,
yet received so gently and considerately—
Unplanned and unorganized yet so divinely orchestrated and directed
Wielding with intention— but without limits, constrictions, or conditions. Just the desire to give it freely?
That’s the frequency I ride with.
You about it too?♥️

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