Start now

Start now

Start now. Whatever you REALLY want to do, begin immediately. Once you plant the seed, every breath waters and wills it to life. The universe rewards decisiveness, and once you commit to something— it grows, amplifies, and happens.

Maybe you start now through visualization— mentally architecting the energetic dynamics and variables with your mind, aligning the future through manifesting thought.

Or perhaps you take a small tangible step, decide on the title, general idea, and outline it. You’ll be surprised what comes to life and takes form, from simply writing it out.

Maybe you’re ready to just fuckin do it— to record that song, the videos and launch the project. Share the idea, start the page, and get it going.

Be consistent, trust the process.

Start now, commit, and it will grow.

The first transmission song I ever made was on my phone— a recorded voicenote I randomly felt called to channel and compile some beats to. I found someone overseas to mix and master it, made my graphics and album art, created my own artist profile, built a platform, and embodied as a music artist.

Scroll through these pics to see my growth from the last 4 years of making music. First year I had 235k listens on Spotify, and a few years later we hit 6.5 million on the platform🙏It has been steady, and supportive growth— yet I have mostly just released singles when they have divinely channeled through and not a full project yet, so I’m stoked to be focusing on an album this year!

So I have begun, but really we are just getting started😏 (you too fam!!)

Thank you for feeling the frequencies of my music, you are all a part of these miracle manifestations.

I intentionally create my songs and all of my transmissions to activate and remind you of your divinity, whatever that may mean to you.♥️

And shoutout to the collabs, producers, and best friends who helped make these songs happen.



Artist name: ACTIVATION





Sending love to you and all your creations and dream manifestations!! And so it is!

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