What My Crash Taught Me

What My Crash Taught Me

The lessons are the blessings

I was in a motorbike crash my first month in Bali, and it was one of the most evolutionary experiences I’ve had.
I learned more in the time period of quantum healing I experienced there, than is possible within years and even lifetimes combined.

I’ll be sharing a video soon on how I turned a 6 month healing trajectory into just a few weeks.
For now— some of the messages in which have come through.

The human body is a a legit miracle.

It is strong and resilient, adaptable, listens, and heals according to its own innate intelligence.

Yet it is also fragile, delicate, soft and sensitive.
Our bodies must be honored, respected, tended to and protected as sacred treasure.
Gifts from God to temporarily borrow and yet make our own and enjoy.

As we increase the sensitivity of our psychic senses, so do the physical functions of our embodiment become more palpable and sensory-aware.

Medicine comes in all forms.
It is always, the perfect remedy
Your own spirit is the recipe

We often create experiences that require rest and pause, so that we can heal in more ways than one.

I have been given the ability to rewrite the meaning and experience of pain, on multiple levels.

Healing is not linear.

Many people are genuine, caring, loving, powerful, helpful and have pure intentions.

Allowing yourself to be supported is directly connected to being able to give.

If you decide you are protected and believe that you are, you will be— you are.

Holistic practices combined with integral western medical techniques work best, and I am grateful for both.

Truly we are the ones who decide when we are ready to heal, and yet there is also an intuitive external movement of divine lesson in which comes in its own way, it’s own form of medicine.

We are lucky to experience it all

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