Who you are

Who you are

Who you are is a concept that has no final state or phase. It is an evolution of embodiment that develops throughout time and trial, via the layered experiences of your own consciousness experiencing itself in form and frequency.

Challenge, change, and transitions must take place in order for one’s internal truth to be fully discovered and distinguished.

Layers peeled, phases experimented, resonance clarified, truth revealed.

It is an exploration, an eternal journey, and often requires polar frequencies of pressure in order to solidify and strengthen your authentic core frequency.

Yet regardless it is truly exciting, enticing, and a gift to experience it all— from the higher perspective.

Each moment a mystery, an opportunity to travel through the extensive tiers that pillar the foundation of who you are forever becoming again, beyond who and what you can conceptualize yourself to be.

Utilize your energy and time here on earth, wisely and with honor— Be open and try out different vibes, styles, environments, activities, directions, practices, groups, belief systems, and embodiments.

Take what resonates and bless the rest— you already know the formula.. Yet you will only know who you actually are, once you experience the ins and outs of yourself.

The less you try to define yourself, the more you’ll discover who you are.

The less you seek to create answers, the more will reveal in truth.

The less you take yourself seriously, the more you’ll seriously remember who you are.

There are no wrongs because it all leads to what’s right. Everything is necessary, because it all builds to bring the next.

Don’t fear the mystery of who you’ll become, because it’s better than you think.

So, who are you— if you aren’t who you tried to define yourself to be, but the being that wants to blossom now?

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