Energy Field

Energy Field

We all have an energetic field that emits, receives, and is constantly interacting and cocreating with our inner and outer environment, and all that we come into physical and ethereal contact with.

This energy field/aura is intuitively intelligent, and registers things our minds have not even considered to comprehend. It is always aware, awake, acknowledging, and subtly analyzing what is and isn’t resonant or beneficial, sometimes through the direct experience of it.

This auric field keeps and displays a record of all that has been brought through its filter, and how you have chosen to think about it, feel about it, and take action with it.

This then translates into the essence of who you are.

There is even an imprint of your energy that remains and lingers in the field even after you have left somewhere. So not only is your energy felt by others who know and feel you, but perhaps even by those who don’t— but have gone to the same lands and physical places as you, or picked up on what you have emitted into the universe.

When you are discerning about what you let in, and take time to recharge, strengthen, and balance your own energetic field— it positively effects everything.

We have the ability to either be efficiently fueling and replenishing within and with our energetic field for ourselves and others— or to be draining and drained by it.

The difference is, how you tend to your own energy, and how you honor it by what you do and do not allow into your field. 

Protect your energy as precious, honor and value the energy of others and your own, and intentionally tend to the energetics of all. 

It all starts and ends, with energy

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