Congratulations To the New

Congratulations To the New

Do not hesitate to question, re-clarify, and rewrite your own beliefs— to strip layers you had previously built upon, in order to evolve anew.


This is necessary for the process of your true BEcoming


Even if something once felt “permanent” and/or solid in its tangibility— know that energetics as well as physicality are always subject to change. That is the permanency.


A new light has broken through collectively— and with this many illusions, especially those camouflaged as light— are unveiling and revealing its true identity. Therefore it is more than likely that you are, or have recently come to a new awareness about what is real for you— on multiple levels.


Any shame, guilt, embarrassment or judgement towards an old version of yourself is simply feeding the wrong agenda— for even if you have completely changed and are shining an entirely different hue of light through you than you may have identified with before— it is about celebrating the old self for what it helped to unravel and reveal to you, and then turning to continue facing the face of yourself in which you want to focus your energy through, and the essence you have now chosen to embody.


This is also how you reclaim any fragmented aspects of yourself from those old timelines and versions. To acknowledge and honor the past’s role and purpose; as to receive the totality of the lessons, messages, and medicine it cultivated for you, and appreciate how it granted you further clarity as to who you truly are beyond the programming.


Even the Awakened, are awakening more🌞

As divinely planned

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