You will be rewarded

You will be rewarded

There is a difference between claiming your power in situations, and giving it away.

Rather than falling into the trap and letting the illusion of confusion lead you astray when you are energetically interrupted, disturbed or triggered — use the experience to empower you.

Take the information into consideration and allow the awareness to advance you and the situation, Yet do not let it sway your inner knowing or dismantle your own discernment in discretion of other’s misdirection.

Identify what is real and resonant for you, and respond in accordance to what feels most truly authentic to your soul, even if it doesn’t temporarily relay the same way to others or meet their programmed expectations and projections.

Trust it, there is always a reason for how you intuitively feel.

An ultimate liberation from false projection and an amplified momentum towards your personal continued alignment, results to reward you.
Channels are cleared, more light makes its way through.

That is what makes the difference between falling back, and moving forward.

That is what shifts your timeline, upgrades you on a conscious + subconscious level, and aligns you to better experiences further.

These situations help us realize more of who we are, clarifying our own truth and personal intentions.

They are opportunities to choose the higher path, and decisions as to what energies we feed.

Strengthening the soul.

In some way, we call it all in.
It’s all here to assist and advance us.

Welcome it all, with wonder and wisdom,
You will be rewarded♥️
And so it is.
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