Your Energetic Field

Your Energetic Field

One of the greatest skills within this time is to maintain your own energetic field, be present, and enjoy your existence.

No matter where you are at, the circumstances you face, and feelings that are projected upon you by the past or temporary appearances— you always have the ability to choose your energetic state.

I innerstand this concept may be challenging for some to even consider, as many situations have been deeply infiltrated with negativity previously— yet this is the code and formula to aligning to a quicker and more quantum timeline, of greater harmony to replace the expired chaos.

We all make it to a higher light, now just get yourSelf: tHere.

The intention of the negatively polarized agenda— is to convince you that you are not “free” .. to be, to choose, to see— because then, you become a slave to what you are told & illusively shown

Yet to dismantle this distorted illusion immediately, you must acknowledge the freedom you have no matter what— your state of heart, soul and mind.

The greatest frequency of freedom— is energetic.

This is key— for as we choose what we feel now and are desiring to create in the present and future, it amplifies it so that we can keep continuing to make decisions and take action towards what will get us there.

Affirm it out loud: *Liberation has won*
and so it is.

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