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Cosmic Cookbook: Nourishment Guide

Cosmic Cookbook: Nourishment Guide

The Elixir Book of solid and liquid masterpieces, for your body, skin and soul

The Superhuman Nourishment Guide, is a not just a cookbook- but an intentional compilation of the most delicious, healthy, simple recipes and remedies, encoded to activate your inner and outer resilience.

Within it, you will find formulas for intuitive eating, intermittent fasting, and multiple different diet-styles to explore, and thus discover what is best for you. Helping you to build and cultivate a genuine connection with your body, and truly enjoy nourishing your vessel. All recipes are gluten-free (to encourage optimal digestion and allocation of energy) plant-based (with the option to add as you desire) and many are also keto-friendly and specific.

Each recipe also has its own unique affirmation, and is intentionally connected to an individual chakra, so that you can also support, balance and energize your energetic body as you do so with your physical. There are 12 solid meal recipes, 10 liquid elixir recipes, and 5 remedies for your face, skin and body. All deeply intentionally, and specified for optimal digestion and cellular support.

The Cosmic Cookbook also comes with two encoded audio transmissions. One is an affirmation meditation for intentional preparation, to listen to while creating and arranging your food. To encourage infusing love into it. As well as a meditation to listen to while you digest your food, to ensure best digestion and allocation of nutrients.

You’ll also find my personal story and journey to discovering greater health, and my experience as plant-based for almost 10 years now. *These are the recipes and meals I consume daily and have been to heal my body over the last several years.

My intention is to remind you how to enjoy your physical form, to transform your being in all aspects, so that you can fully access your true potential.

*All pieces are available and downloadable upon purchase*

A bit on my Perspective...

In order to enjoy eating healthy, we approach it as a choice, and a decision towards desiring and devoting to honor the divine vessel in which we have been given. It is a gift to do so.

There is no constricting or limiting energy involved within this awareness— but a genuine pull, craving, and calling for optimal well-being, and to experience our own full potential. Thus properly utilizing the abundant natural resources in which so magically support us in doing so. Always, in gratitude and honor.

Our cravings and desires, shift.

Thus, our conscious and subconsciously creative relationship, with all existence. It is an ascension, an upgrade, an embodiment.

The Divine Intention here, is that you take as much from this cookbook and guide as possible- to further develop and connect to your own language and intuitive formula within and around you, extending throughout all parts of you and yours.

Please enjoy and receive the love, gratitude, taste, fun, and connection I personally channeled into this book :)

May it nourish, fuel, sustain and align you to your highest timeline, and therefore reflect into all your food- physical, spiritual, and energetic.

And So It Is—


*All pieces are available and downloadable upon purchase*

 Frequently Requested Answers


All items are downloadable to your phone and computer, and are infinitely accessible through my website 

This is not just a cookbook— it is a superhuman nourishment guide, and focuses on teaching from the energetic relationship with food in order to translate to the physical. 

The remedies shared are foundational recipes that I personally consume daily, and have found to be greatly beneficial for others on a consistent basis as well— even with different body and blood types. 

There are 12 solid food recipes, 10 liquid elixirs (juices, smoothies and hot drinks) and 5 face and body remedies 

The recipes are plant based and vegan friendly, yet also have the option to add animal products if desired. 

Most of the recipes are keto-friendly, and the keto theory is explained in further detail in order to bring an awareness to the digestive alchemy it encourages. 

I personally follow a diet that is mostly keto, with phases of carb cycling. I find this works best for me, and many others who have trialed and succeeded with this particular diet and these recipes/meal plans


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