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Activation Vibration

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Cosmic Self-Discovery Series

Cosmic Self-Discovery Series

A series of encoded meditations designed to unlock and awaken your most cosmic essence. Revealing the mysteries of your celestial essence.

This Set includes: 

Galactic Origins Meditation

Travel to your home planet and reconnect with your ancient cosmic lineage, awakening your starseed essence from within.

Divine DNA

Activate your divine dormant DNA, tapping into your full potential and embodying the wisdom embedded in your DNA.

Past Life

Journey through time to uncover the knowledge, abilities, lessons and divine experiences of your past incarnations — to enrich your current existence.

Cosmic Highest Self

Elevate to unprecedented heights, meeting your ultimate cosmic self, a beacon of infinite wisdom and clarity.

Light Body Meditation

Illuminate your physical being, transforming into a vessel of pure light and boundless energy.

Integration Meditation

Ground and integrate your energy, so you can utilize your light in a tangible and beneficial way in the physical.

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