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Activation Vibration

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Daily Meditations Package

Daily Meditations Package

The top 5 meditations to start and end your day with success.

This meditation toolkit is a daily blueprint to align you to a higher timeline and get you anchored in your Creator Mode - as the artist of your reality. 

Passion and Creativity

Ignite your creative spark and channel straight from God, turning each day into a canvas for your own masterpiece of vibrant imagination and passion.

Sweet Dreams

A loving prayer and astral guidance for the dream realms. To ensure positive dreams and restful sleep that rejuvenate and inspire your waking life.

Wake Up Meditation

Rise and shine as your most divine version. Greet each morning with renewed energy and focus, ready to embrace your blessings for the day.

Daily Light Meditation

The refreshment that will quench your soul’s thirst. A bath of tranquility perfect for moving into a meditative state at any point of the day.

Inner Child

Reconnect with the playful, inspired, and innocent part of your soul — to rediscover joy and wonder in a new way within the everyday. 

Each of these intentionally crafted meditations were blessed upon and created with the highest frequency of light. Use these as tools to refresh and align at any time, as your ascend along your path of holistic well-being, spiritual enlightenment, and personal fulfillment. And so it is.

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