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Activation Vibration

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Light Language: Activation Course

Light Language: Activation Course

Activate and access the true essence of your soul
Light Language is a cosmic channeled language that transmits divine frequencies of consciousness and Light, through the genuine expression of the Soul. It is the divinity of your inner voice, and the universe combined.
Light Language channels to serve as a prayer, a healing, a blessing, an activation, to create miracles, protection, and ceremonial invocations of divinity.
It is a language and energetic transmission that speaks beyond words and physical identity, streaming straight to the subconscious and core essence of who you truly are.
Light language is known and understood by all, and everyone has the ability to tap into their own Light Language.
Yet in order for it to be truly real and create tangible shifts- a certain frequency and awareness, is required...
Which is why the Light Language Course was created.
-Empowers you; increasing your confidence and authentic vibration. Making you feel more at ease in your expression.
-Heals, aligns and upgrades you to your highest timeline.
-Strengthens your sense of connection, your trust, clarity, energy, and joy.
-Advances your intuitive accuracy, so that you can interpret and translate spirit more efficiently.
-Activates dormant DNA and encoded wisdom within your being. Reawakening forgotten aspects of yourself, so that you can advance beyond your current perception.
-Grants you higher dimensional access to your own divine memory and information, opening your communication channels so that you can receive guidance and messages more clearly.

The Light Language Course

In this course I also channel a LIVE Light Language transmission activation, to activate your inner power and connection- in a call and response style, so we can speak Light Language back and forth together!!

Light Language is the expression of the soul, and the most potent way to fully and instantly embody the totality of who you are. In any situation, always.

Through accessing your Light Language and soul's true voice and expression- you will observe your entire life positively shift and upgrade.

We have spoken this language since before the beginning of time, and it’s time we remember. Thank you for being one of the Ones, who have been called.

Enjoy your miracles, And So It Is.

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