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Activation Vibration

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MASTERCLASS: Light Language

MASTERCLASS: Light Language

Blessings Beautiful Being

Finally, as much requested — I’ve created a Masterclass to activate your light language! 

In this class I share the encoded secrets of light language, and guide you through a process to fully activate your voice and get you speaking the full spectrum of your message.

Are you ready to:

Open your throat chakra, activate your light language, gain more power in your voice, feel more comfortable in your authentic expression, and emanate your soul's abundant beauty?!

If so, then LFG.

This masterclass is for you.

You have a unique expression that is medicine for others. You have a divine message to share. It's time to get confident and comfortable in your embodiment.

For those who are here to inspire, heal, coach, lead, create, and speak from the heart.

This is a 1 hour LIVE Masterclass with Heather Hoffman (Activation Vibration) to activate your Light Language, raise your frequency, and help you connect to your authentic expression.

It is a MAJOR Activation that will invoke instant vibrancy for you during and after. Leaving you feeling more free, liberated, confident, and connected than before.

It’s a perfect portal for the beginner wanting to upgrade to the next level, the curious one interested in discovering the phenomena, and the advanced light language channeler seeking more connection and expression of self/others.

This is a LIVE recording which will be sent to your email, with a bonus packet of notes and a reminder.

Love and blessings ALWAYS! 

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