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Activation Vibration

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Cellular Upgrade Course: Activate Divine DNA

Cellular Upgrade Course: Activate Divine DNA

Unlock the wisdom within your DNA,

on a physical and energetic level

Physical + Energetic Exercises
This is the Ascension, and our DNA is Activating and Upgrading

This encoded series will mentally stimulate, remind and activate your personal power and full potential, and help you to encode it into your body.

With these three potent practices, you will strengthen your energy body and aura, increase your confidence and personal power, and nurture a communication with your soul and spirit.

These movements will not only make you feel good, enhance your posture, presence, life force and direction- but can help to connect you to different aspects of yourself from parallel/past timelines, lifetimes and embodiments to access more of who you are Now. That is the intensity and the power of these specific movements and codes.

  1. Guided Physical Practices: Immerse yourself in two expertly guided physical exercises, one seated and one standing. These practices are designed to align your body and being, enhancing your posture, life force, and direction. But they go beyond the physical – they connect you with different facets of yourself, bridging parallel timelines and lifetimes to reveal the boundless you of the present moment.

  2. Binaural Beat Meditation: Experience the magic of a professionally produced binaural beat meditation thats heals beyond this lifetime. Immerse yourself in higher-frequency codes that will elevate your vibration instantly. These codes are carefully crafted to harmonize and balance your body, empowering you to connect with and harness your personal power. 

An Invitation to Divine Alignment ✨
This Ascension Series is your path to self-mastery, an initiation into a higher state of being. By taking these steps, you invite divine alignment into your life.

What You'll Receive:

  • Spiritual Insight: Gain a deep understanding of cellular upgrades and DNA crystallization through scientific explanations. This knowledge will attune your mind to the transformation process.

  • Cellular Upgrade Seated Sequence: Flow through a channeled sequence of movements that expand, strengthen, and fortify your energetic field. This practice enhances psychic awareness, Chi flow, life force energy, breath depth, auric expansion, and internal alignment.

  • Cellular Activation Standing Sequence: Engage in energetically charged movements that cultivate your life force energy. This graceful practice increases motivation, creativity, health, psychic protection, posture, presence, and alignment with your external reality.

  • Activation Meditation – Realms of Vibrant Health: Immerse yourself in an audible portal of infinite light and angelic healing presence. This meditation, paired with the vibrational frequencies of 528hz and 432hz, initiates an immediate DNA upgrade that you can feel, discover, and nurture within your being.

🌟 Your Divine Ascension Awaits 🌟

Are you ready to ascend to new heights of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation? Join our Ascension Awakening Series and step into the radiant light of your true potential.
🌟 Begin your journey to self-mastery today, its time 🌟
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