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Activation Vibration

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Self Empowerment: Video Course

Self Empowerment: Video Course

The Self Empowerment Course is an 8 day video course that will change the course of your entire life. Yes, that sounds dramatic- because it is. This course was specifically channeled with the assistance of the higher angelic and cosmic realms and has been created to assist you in reorganizing- revitalizing and reinvigorating your life by using a few tips and tools in which hold potent magic and energy. The birth of this course was insisted by multiple higher dimensional guides who feel it is time this information is shared, known, and applied by us all.

YOU are ready.

I have found that these specific sequences are most helpful and accurate in aligning me and almost all of my clients and connections, with the TRUE Self and purpose.


You simply watch one video a day and apply the lesson, message, and suggestion to your life, and bear witness to the most beautiful transformation you have yet to experience- getting to know and enjoy your SOUL more. All videos are shorter than 11 minutes, and this course is necessary and beneficial for BOTH men and women of any age. 

Blessings to you~ Thank you for taking responsibility for your incarnation. You are loved, appreciated, and supported.

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