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Activation Vibration

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Success and Self-Esteem Set

Success and Self-Esteem Set

Meditation bundle forms with 6 meditations to enhance your spiritual connection to effortlessly combat challenge and do so with enjoyment.
Cultivate a mindset of triumph and unwavering self-belief with the Success & Self-Esteem Set, your gateway to personal greatness.

Alchemy Meditation

Heal, activate, channel and transform any inner emotion (energy in motion) to channel towards that which you desire.

Discipline, Dedication, Devotion

Get aligned immediately, and set yourself on a trajectory to succeed by foraging an unbreakable will — by focusing your energy on achieving your goals with precision.

Confidence + Motivation

The hype up you need. This track will help you command your own self-assurance, exuding confidence that influences every aspect of your life.

Abundance and Prosperity

Meditation Open your gateway of prosperity, attracting and receiving abundance in wealth, health, and happiness in return.

Positive Thoughts

Retrain your brain to function optimally, so your subconscious mind naturally cultivates uplifting and positive thoughts that support you.

Kundalini Meditation

Awaken the physical essence of life force that resides at the base of your spine, to channel with clarity, creativity, and energy.

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