Light Wave

Light Wave

A major wave is coming✨

Motivation, support, energy + alignment

We are currently being energetically prepared, and you may be sensitive enough to feel it.

There is a slight pull of energy in an unfamiliar direction, a gathering of momentum.

Reclaiming all your essence previous misdistributed, to consolidate for what is to come.

The wave is building, just as it pulls back to prepare for another washing water to overflow.

Therefore in this space you may at times feel flat, neutral, or tired. There is greater reason for this.

Give vision to the force cultivating within you~

Allow this divine new light birthing inside to marinate in the crevices that need it most.

Surrender to its power and it’s desired purpose to crystallize you anew.

This force coming brings great stamina and unwavering certainty.

The clarity you have been calling in,

Get ready to receive your wave🌊

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Mrs. Heather I have a profound feeling to speak to you about something rather more personal. Something at the collective consciousness (cc). From my higher self to yours type thing. I have a dream. One that is bigger than myself and I along cannot manifest it into reality alone. Anyhow. I collectively intent for this message to find its way to you somehow since you are part of the puzzle yet to unfold. You can reach me at if you wish to speak to me by writing. And let it be so…


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