Your Casual Superpower

Your Casual Superpower

Breathwork is one of the most powerful practices and tools available to us all.

The art of inhalation and exhalation is the circulation of Life Force through the system. 

Literally- a plethora of spiritual connection, abstract phenomena, and galactic attuning abilities are accesible to you in this moment, through the realm of breath.

Certain breathing exercises can clear stagnant energy from the body, activate the subordinate spaces within you, enhance your sensory abilities, strengthen your intuition, ignite the fountain of youth within you, and bring greater presence, contentment and gratitude to your moments. 

When we breathe, we embody spirit into form. 

I invite you to start exploring your own breath~ there are countless videos on YouTube, yoga classes, group meet ups, etc where you can start diving into this dimension. Or, perhaps you try your own sequences (as I prefer) and allow your Higher Self to guide you through your own personal activations. I really enjoy mixing it up with fast paced breathing like a dragon spitting fire, and then calming zen full bodied breaths. 

I also intentionally do my Breathwork practices outside exposed to the sun so that I can acclimate my lightbody to properly absorb the solar rays as fuel and Prana for my being. 

Our Sun is a god and I worship accordingly. 

Many beings have been able to adjust their physical form to ‘Breatharian’- where they consume earth elements such as sun, water and breath through their senses as food- instead of food. I have no specific aim for myself personally, but this FEELS good and is assisting my being in MANY ways as I observe. 

Always evolving ~ Always upgrading~ 

✨May you embody your Light✨

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