Harmony Within Realms

Harmony Within Realms

We straddle realms between physical and spirit

A manifested fusion ~ of both animal and God 

The combination, is the formula𓂜 


between opposite sides of the spectrum ✨

This is an alchemy I’m actively experimenting with 

I have been through dark with no light, and been so bright I developed a new sight

And through duality~ I have found neutrality 

𓇼 Balance 𓇼

between the creator, and the witness 

the protector and the protected

the hungry seeker and akashic knower 

the expressive performer and the audience in awe

the teacher of wisdom and the humble student

strong and grounded, yet sweet and succulent~

It is a journey that calls for embodiment of the moment 

And it is within flexibility,

adaptability as Nature, 

We find stability in result of inevitable change

Sending love and Light~


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