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Can You Remember?

Can You Remember?

A soul knowing
The Ancient Enrollment
an intricate sewing
honoring each moment>
A burning flame
resting in the pit of your stomach
A manual to the game
& yet the most important component;
Is not the strength of your shove-
But more so your ability,
to recognize love
in the illusion of hostility.
Can you remember,
When the others have forgotten?
The last burning ember
Shall never be softened~
If perhaps you have left
temporarily to take a breath
We now welcome you back,
providing that which you lack
For you are never without,
Your soul and your heart
Simply residing in rawness-
Is you doing your part
Can you remember the tune?
When others stop singing in the room?
Can you follow up with the beat?
when abandoned in the street?
Can you stand alongside
An ‘enemy’ with false pride?
and still choose to breathe love
In reverence from above•
Can you hold out your hand
kiss the ground where they stand
can you bend to you knees
fall in honor like the leaves
I want to know if you can be strong-
Beyond what may be wrong
Can you love unconditionally,
Rebel against what’s accepted traditionally•



Sending love and Light,


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