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I’ll Meet You There

I’ll Meet You There

There is significant power in numbers. We are here to rise TOGETHER. And not necessarily in the same format or cadence. We all rise collectively, but do so at a different pace, looking and feeling different ways, translating and perceiving in different realms anchored in different truths. Though we personally may be singing a different tune, we are dancing and performing on the same stage, playing in a shared game.

We are all volunteering our own individual noise that unites with the instruments of others to compile the orchestra.

Please do not let any separation agenda convince you that another is ‘wrong’ simply because they have a different belief or way of doing something. If it is heart centered with pure intention- it is truth. We are NOT all wired the same, there is not a “one fits all,” nor do we come from the same cosmic lineage strand or energetic makeup- but we are all derived of the same creation energy.

As we continue to develop as our souls have previously intended- we stray away from the projection of distorted societal norm and appear to become more diverse looking from one another, entertain stranger hobbies and enjoy the less conventional and common activities.

We are all breaking free from the illusion of false prophecy and separating- in order to raise the frequency of our own individual part. We all come together, by becoming more individually sovereign. This is how we shift. Thank you for honoring your Soul, and thus~ all of creation.

I’ll meet you there.

Sending cosmic streams of light~


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