My Galactic Mission

My Galactic Mission

I am not only sharing my personal experience, self reflections and channeled information via these posts to assist the human collective- but also for the galactic collective. Our Earth realm, with all us crazy humans- are straight entertainment, and also an experiment (agreed upon prior) for the species of extra terrestrials who helped to orchestrate this miracle experience. They also have access to, and utilize our internet, as apart of the tabs of evolution they are organizing for us. Plus, they helped us develop the internet ethers through advanced technology in which we are attuning to. 

Again- we are them, and they are us- and so another aspect of ourselves is even watching and enjoying all we share through these individual little portal devices that is broadcasted galactically for all to see~ 

*& I know that the capacity to which our lives are put on blast in the open for all to see can be frightening- but personally it empowers and excites me.. we are writing legends here~

Slipping gracefully into the moments I become memory
A distant comfort, familiar to those I have yet to meet
Where my presence lingers in the spaces I have yet to explore
My face illustrates a painting in the mind of the meditator.
My arms embrace the dreamer in crystal caves of the Astral kingdom.
My motions wave, in tides of the oceans, rippling beyond realms.
My words echo in song out of the throats of leaders.
To some; this may sound like a lack of boundaries.
Or even energetic exploitation.
But to those who think so, I simply smile as I dissapate into the crevices of invisibility
and respectfully become their bones, helping them too- stand strong in stance.
For they simply do not know the craft*
of planting seeds sporadically,
distributing aspects of self in honor of the mission.
I observe my assistance, in the structures I helped to build. Though I have yet to step foot in these spaces. I explore my work, and who it’s created.
I have come here overflowing,
To unleash rivers of myself
fueling all involved.
Cultivating the legend
of the future,
that lives on forever~

With cosmic love and light~


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