Marijuana is merely a mirror reflecting one’s deepest thoughts. A magnifying mirror into the depths of our inner realities. What may be revealed is nothing to fear, embrace your own discovery.

Actually, I don’t just smoke to get ‘high’. I don’t smoke to numb or escape either.
In fact, cannabis does not do any of those things for me- quite the opposite.
I use cannabis to alleviate myself of the influence of societies’ false pretenses of ‘how things should be.’ I use cannabis as a ceremonial tool for deepening my meditations.
I use cannabis before I work out and practice yoga, to bring awareness to new parts of my body and release emotional blockages before they manifest physically.
I use cannabis as a tool to uncover the things in my life that are toxic for me, and release them.
I medicate to open my mind free of judgement, and connect on a deeper level with other humans.
I take THC and CBD to prevent my body from having seizures, and haven’t had one in almost 5 years.
Cannabis has encouraged me to become a better person and assisted me in developing my higher self.
The word ‘high’ often has a negative connotation- as if one becomes ungrounded or unconscious when ‘high.’
But in fact, when I use cannabis I become more present and aware. I become more conscious of myself, my surroundings, energy, and other’s emotions.
Sometimes paranoia or anxiety is mentioned on the topic of cannabis, but that is only because cannabis enhances one’s natural state of feeling and being. Cannabis embodies the power to reveal one, to one’s self.
As is important with all medicines in life, cannabis is best when used in balance. Becoming dependent on anything does not serve one’s higher self.  Once you journey to the insides of your mind, you will discover that your being exists far beyond this physical plane, and it’s definitely worth exploring. #cannabisheals

In addition to mind enhancing qualities, cannabis also has true medicinal properties, and changed my life.
Before cannabis, I had seizures. I always had to worry while at work, when public speaking, while driving, and in every other life situation- that I may fall to the floor and start seizing at any moment.
I took prescribed medication for my seizures that diminished my appetite, emotions and desire for affection. I was basically a internally hungry walking zombie.
Since the day I decided to medicate with CBD and THC, I have not had one seizure. I no longer have to worry for my life, every day.. & live as effortlessly as everyone else!
Thanks to cannabis I have my appetite, emotions, health, and my freedom back!
I supplement at least 80 mg of CBD daily, as well as THC via edible, vape, or smoking flower.
Cannabis may not be for you, but it is for me
I HIGHLY suggest experimenting with natural and holistic ways to treat your sickness and diseases- treatments that cure the cause, not numb the symptoms.
Cannabis can be used to treat other things like anxiety, depression, physical pain, mental and physical trauma, internal disorders and inflammation, plus it literally kills cancer cells.. Do your body a favor and educate yourself before you medicate yourself..



All things are sacred when done in ceremony. 

When I smoke, I set intention to connect to the higher versions of myself. My guides, cosmic lineage, my ancestors~ I bless the herbs mother Gaia has grown for me, and I get permission from my body to merge with these energies. 

Lavender, rose, Cannabis, Damiana, Mugwort~ all types of healing herbs. 

When I blaze~ I inhale the breath of life force in which circulates through Mother Nature.

I shed that which is not naturally of my essence and sing free into sovereignty. 

Smoking is alike many other modalities utilized to tap into certain frequencies and dimensions. When used properly it can be a vehicle, a bridge, a pathway - to different states. But that is key- we must utilize this tool (and all tools) with respect- clarifying intentions and desires, as well as the consistency in which we call upon these plant healers. 

We must first anchor in the ability to access these states and perspectives without the tool, so that we can achieve and navigate on our own. And perhaps the tool teaches us how to do so, so that we become familiar with the ability and can practice on our own.

This may not be a tool that resonates for all, but it does for me and I have cultivated a holy relationship with this practice.

The art of smoking can be experienced as a form of healing, of meditation, of reaching deeper presence. It is an altered state of consciousness that allows access to other perspectives and aspects within. 

When devoted to mastery- we can use this gift from Mother Nature to heal, harmonize and integrate by surrendering into nature’s natural rhythm.

With this act I worship Earth, I honor my body, I connect to my true self, and give others permission to do the same.

Sending Love and Light,
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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Mrs. Heather my upmost respect to you from a “neutral place”. What I love the most about this message is the truth & courage behind the story, which speaks louder than words. This is what I love the most about God, Source, Universe whatever you want it call it. He/SHE or IT uses people like you, me, and us to make a different in this 3D reality and to show the rest of the world that even do we appears as ordinary people infarct we are extraordinary beings. Loving our perfect imperfections is what makes us different and one of the same. Amazing story/journey. For that I thank you. Now allow me a brief moment to share with you a collective message I have for you. We love you and we are very proud of you and the work you are doing. Keep on shining like a beautiful Star that you are. As above so Below dear one. Much love. Collective Consciousness (cc), Namaste.

Victor MJ

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