DNA Activation

DNA Activation


To awaken your inner wisdom, power, resilience and alignment

How to Activate and Awaken your Divine DNA and your personal soul’s perfect blueprint.

Step 1: Find a safe and comfortable space to meditate and do this practice, where you won’t be disturbed and can be in full presence of the Divine. Position yourself comfortably with your spine straight and without your legs crossed, to allow for full flow of energy throughout your body. Release any tension.


Step 2: Play the DNA activation meditation through headphones or via speaker, and begin separate nostril breathing exercise. Closing one nostril with your left hand’s finger, and inhaling through the other nostril. Then switching to exhale out of the originally closed nostril, and inhaling through it after - to repeat again. Do this 11 times per nostril.

THE MEDITATION: https://www.activationvibrations.com/collections/meditations/products/dna-meditation


Step 3: Begin a full body energy circulating exercise (perhaps sit up for this part if you’re laying down for the rest) Starting with your head and neck, three times forward, back, side to side, and gently rotating around to open your channels. Moving the energy down your body - to continue doing this with your chest, your torso and down to your root chakra and base of your body. Anchor into yourself.


Step 4: Be in full presence of your breath and the meditation while listening, and focus on what messages come through. Perhaps if not your own just yet— pay attention to which affirmations or spoken codes in the guided DNA meditation; stick out to you. This is your medicine. Amplify it throughout the meditation, and allow it to evolve to reveal more to you, when it’s meant to. This is the activation.


Step 5: After the meditation, do a healing and closing prayer of your own. Acknowledging perhaps what you are calling in, what you are ready for, or just gratitude for what you already have and are getting now. Maybe you just say “thank you” outloud. Do something to complete this energy and portal on your own.


Step 6: Take time to integrate and have a conversation with your higher self, and journal out what is coming through for you. What came up, what parts of your inner superpowers and resilience you are activating, and what you feel is coming next. ALSO, come up with your own affirmation and write it down. Say it daily.


Step 7: Test out your DNA Activation. Once you feel you have properly integrated the energy, and are feeling clear and reenergized (this may be immediately after the meditation, a few hours after, or once you’ve slept and wake up the next rising) explore what clarity has come through. Ask yourself, maybe muscle testing or writing it out, or simply in your heart and mind - yes or no questions that you have personally been seeking answers to. Notice you have a stronger ability to make decisions and have clarity. With this, do not second guess— trust your intuition and honor it fully. You are aligned, activated, and being guided accordingly. And so it is!!


Comment on this stream once you have done this!! Also for extra cosmic credit— share what affirmation or activation or messages came through for you! It’s so activating to hear of yours for others!😍

DNA ACTIVATION MEDITATION: https://www.activationvibrations.com/collections/meditations/products/dna-meditation

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