Empathic beings

Empathic beings

As beings of love, it's natural to feel compelled to want to give more, to be compassionate, and to over-exert our energy for the benefit of others.

Yet in order for this energetic exchange to truly align and bring fulfillment to any, it's necessary to have an equal balance between giving and receiving.

When we give too much without receiving in return, it can lead to feelings of resentment, a misplacement of energy, and eventually burnout. This is not the natural order of things, and the energy will naturally need to redirect itself in some way, which can create unnecessary disharmony or chaos.

It's essential to allow yourself to receive— and give yourself permission, to relax and celebrate what you've cultivated. Enjoy the delicious fruits of your creations.

If not, this unbalanced energy can lead to a distortion in one’s field— causing them feel imbalanced, and leads to an identity or story of "martyrdom" or "people-pleasing," which are hidden forms of manipulation. (Because it is not coming from the truth of honoring how you actually feel) These results, far from the original intention.

Remember, whatever you give to the world, God wants to give back to you. Universal law rewards and returns energy, it is just how it works.

It's vital and a form of nourishment to simply be open to receiving. Whether it is love, abundance, support, new opportunities, or unexpected miracles. This exchange of energy is crucial to keeping your soul happy, your energy vital, and your life force balanced.

When you give, you also greatly receive.

What side of the spectrum do you feel you’re on? Or do you feel balanced in between both giving and receiving?
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