Light Language; The New Form of Communication

Light Language; The New Form of Communication

Light Language is an ancient and futuristic form of communication that has been used for lifetimes and is understood in multiple realms and dimensions. It is a language that speaks beyond words, connecting directly to the soul — rather than the logical mind which has previous meanings associated with words and language. 

This clears any distortion that could come through communication, and allows for the actual message of the transmission— to come through. Light language is a prayer, it is an activation, a healing, a transmission of frequency.

The Language of Light can be used a form of healing and quantum activation. Because Light Language is spoken to the soul and not the human mind, everyone can understand it- and you don’t even have to know what it means.

As humans we naturally associate meanings and connotations with our every day native language- which imprints energy and limiting understanding into the words. If those words have been used to describe something negative or lower vibrational- the sounds have been imprinted and can subconsciously keep one stuck in an outdated story- unable to receive the message or information.

Light Language liberates you.

Activate Your Light Language HERE

Light Language is a channeled cosmic language that distributes sound and energy to convey messages- interpreted by the heart, and speaks familiarity to your soul rather than to your programmed hearing and brain. This allows you to consume more information in a greater way, by expanding your senses. It awakens and enlivens every part of your being, and is healing for the one transmitting it, and all those who receive it.

There is no direct word for word translation for Light Language, as it is a compilation of energy that is forever evolving, and digested quantumly within to be understood. It is about how the transmission makes you feel- rather than how you "think" about the information or the sound coming through. 

A result of channeling Light Language is to shift your energy to a higher octave. You can feel this when tuning in.

There is a process and set frequency that is required in order to actively and accurately channel Light Language, but it can be done by all. However if not properly and intentionally attuned, one could just be speaking gibberish. As you channel light Language and your energy awakens your senses- your brain is triggered into a gamma state, where you become receptive to receiving higher frequencies, and allow your vibration to shift to expand your mental, emotional and spiritual capacity. This then allows you to tap into a realm of wisdom, healing, regeneration, and activation. Channeling the Language of Light.

For those who are ready, Light Language helps to activate the dormant strands of your Divine DNA, open your third eye to activate your intuitive abilities, and remind you of your mission here on Earth. Accessing your power, purpose, true soul essence, authentic frequency, highest vibration, and connect to where you come from. 

Learn HOW to Activate Your Light Language

One of the most powerful forms of Light Language is when it is channeled through music and song. This is a combination of frequency that activates your whole body to receive, and transmit. Here are some powerful Light Language Songs by artist Activation:

Light Language can be expressed through many different forms of translation when created with intention. Vocal sounds, songs, binaural beats, pulse patterns, physical movement, mudras, and even written symbols.

Similar to ancient hieroglyphics, they tell a story beyond conceptual language. One symbol often translating paragraphs of potent information.

All Light Languages are different- just as there are many different languages and even dialects on Earth.

Each word of Light Language is encoded, meaning there is energy and intention imbedded and imprinted within the words of the expressed language and sounds.

What is Light Language? Watch Video: 



When I channel Light language I experience a full body energy trance of divine energy wash over me instantly (though I have established the ability to tap in at any time) which fills my entire body with light. Bringing in harmony, personal power, and a certain familiar remembrance of who and what I am at the core. I can physically feel this and it translates into sound. My mental, emotional and spiritual self also responds in complete trust as my Ego steps back and my vessel is utilized as a conduit of source and healing. This energy I feel pulsing throughout me, is translated through a series of sounds and forms into a language. Often I will be given a general theme as to the transmission and it's purpose and I channel it from that intention.

You may notice a familiar feeling is felt upon receiving the transmission wether through sight or sound- it triggers an awakening and activation of codes that are imbedded within your body. Your DNA recognizes these frequencies, and attunes accordingly. 

Listen to one of my most popular Light Language Meditations; and see what comes up for you. This one has specifically been reported to "help people remember their Starseed lineage" and I have received MANY positive reactions- people falling into trance or meditation and being taken back to their starships and shown the powerful TRUTH of who they are.



Have you allowed yourself to explore your ancient ancestral and star lineage’s languages?  Have you tried - or simply ALLOWED yourself to tap into the cosmic channel in which you stem from?

I have connected with both my ancestral earth family, soul family, and Galactic family’s languages and do a combination of such through my transmissions- and it has SINCERELY upgraded me more into who I truly am, and connected me with my own gifts so that I can fully live out my purpose. 

Activate Your Light Language here:

If you are curious on how to channel light language, and what it looks like LIVE: you can watch my video below:

Many Blessings of Love and Light to you.

Below are a few of my written Light Language Symbols. And the other art was from anonymous posts I found on pinterest. Perhaps they will resonate to activate and awaken. May your remember. And so it is!

Love, Heather. @ActivationVibration


  • Kimberly Merriman

    Hey im just learning and finding out what ive been saying and writing down and didnt know it was this. I would like to connect if thats ok? Thanks for this information.

  • Avalon

    Thank you beautiful Heather for sharing your light language. I’ve been channeling myself light codes over the recent weeks and it feels so powerful, ancient and loving to express in this way. I feel it upgrading, protecting and rebalancing. Magical really. Thank you again for sharing x

  • Elion

    Light language, as you call it, has been around for thousands of years. In the Christian Pentecostal and Charismatic circles it is called “speaking in tongues”. If you ever wants to see people speaking it en masse, just got to one of their services. Most of them won’t know what to do with it (how to interpret it), but speak it all the same. You will find these type of languages also spoken among Indian healers.

  • Susan Powell Miller

    I just stumbled on the term light language and found your website explaining it. I’ve been channeling light language for 40 years and never knew where the heck it came from!!! I am delighted to find out what it is. For me it most often comes in singing form. I don’t do it often, but it comes easily and now that I know what it is, I will do it more often and mindful of the feeling. Thank you for your posts

  • Tianna

    Heather, sistar, thank you so much for this! I would absolutely LOVE more info on how to connect with and identify what starseed race/Galactic family I come from in an upcoming video or article. Namaste <3

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