Lions Gate 8/8

Lions Gate 8/8

We talk of galactic portals and energy surges streaming from the cosmos casually at this point, yet only when the power is appropriately acknowledged— can it fully develop, expand and express in divinely designed form.


Just like with all things, acknowledgement brings information; awareness— which is light. Therefore; illumination— enlightenment.


By attuning to the fact that there are increased solar frequencies of support aligned and amplified during this Gateway 8/8, and by actively positioning yourself within a solid state of lucid presence during—

You are able to harness and efficiently utilize the eternal and otherworldly energy being offered and gifted to you



8/8 is symbolic of infinity

Meaning you have access to infinite energy, personal power, possibilities, perspectives, information, opportunities and new realities.


Don’t underestimate your potential and purpose


Take a moment to relax, know that you are in alignment (this is the confirmation) and breathe healing light deeply into your body and being; as it lovingly embraces, uplifts and nourishes you.

This is always with you.


Please remember,

You have the power—

To move through, alchemize, rewrite and redefine anything and everything.


Therefore you have the ability to recreate present and future experiences, through experiencing them.


Let the lessons arise, learn and respond accordingly.


You have been given your specific mission for a powerful reason.


You are doing it differently than it has ever been done before.


This is why you have chosen, and been chosen for it all.


Awaken the awaiting within you


Let your inner sun shine


Access your authenticity


Embody the Ascension


And So It Is.

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