Power of Polarity

Power of Polarity

It is often not the “good” or “effortless” things that make you more conscious,
but the experiences of challenge and trial through obstacle— in which awaken you; to more of you.

When we are met with situations of resistance, it requires us to activate a greater sense of lucidity in order to be present and move through them.

An expanded awareness; encodes within you.

Programs and projections become clear, illusory identities strip, and the will of your soul is activated— although it may be a process through full surrender of the human.

A primal sense of survival is naturally imbedded within your formulaic makeup, which ensures you have the power to get through— literally anything and everything. Especially when combined with the will of your spirit and human self.

A multi dimensional union.

It is usually that uncomfortable and challenging situations result in greater alignment— encouraging you to access more out of your own reservoir, revealing your true strength to you, and sparking gratitude, a new zest for life, inspiration to prevail, and unlocks dormant energy inside of you to use as fuel.

Alternative perspective lenses appear for you to see more through, in larger and extra-sensory ways.
You become humble, more compassionate, and advanced in your skills, abilities and alchemy.

It is a breaking open to let in more light, a stripping to reveal what is real, a redirection of power, a revelation, a purification, a transition, a completion, a reclaiming, an initiation, an advancement, a reward, an activation, the ascension.

Welcome it all, and you will be welcomed.
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