The power of this mantra continues to AMPLIFY. 

Often something used over time can feel like it gets old or looses its power or potency, but every time a situation arises and I use the mantra “Everything is working out best case scenario“ legit EVERYTHING organizes itself accordingly- almost immediately now. 

For me personally, it has been creating new portals and realms of opportunity for me in tangible ways I am in awe of.

When I was leaving India- I missed my flight for the first time ever and arrived at the airport to be denied into the actual airport building. 

Though I had a ticket- the flight was hours earlier so policy holds that unless one has a ticket to a soon-to-come flight, they cannot be let in. 

They let me know that the next flight I could use with that ticket was a week a way- which wasn’t an option for me as I had multiple events aligned in the next few days. 

I explained that I did not have wifi or service outside, and needed to transfer money into my account to buy another ticket- but the men with fastened AKs refused to let me in to even speak to someone who could assist me. It was for sure- not ideal. 

I was asked to move out of the way so others could be checked in to the airport, and I walked away not sure what to do. 

There was also a group of young men who had gathered around me once I exited the taxi and had been taking photos of me and following me in a heard, who surrounded me once again and followed every ten feet I moved. 

I had multiple bags and just drove 2 hours and had no service to get a hotel or any idea where to go in Bombay, so I do what I always do, and surrendered fully to the moment.

I let go of all the energy that was building up- the fact I wanted to take all matters into my own hands, and relaxed. A few seconds later- the mantra came through. 

I started repeating the mantra and instantly my frequency rose, and I knew regardless I was going to be good. 

Seconds later another guard with a gun the size of his body approached me and asked if I sing and dance- if I was a performer. I responded yes, actually I am and do- and he said he was looking to do the same. He then said nothing and lead me into the side room where I was helped and able to buy a ticket and figure my way home, and I never saw him again. 

The night proceeded with multiple miracles due to the frequency I had chosen to attune to~ 

The power of the mantra continues to grow. It’s a simple tool available to all- and energetically charged phrase that manifests miracles instantly. Blessings to all who have tapped into and connected with and charged this mantra. 

Infinite blessings✨


  • Alesha Hines

    Everything works out, best case scenario. Thank you.

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