Mother Eucalyptus

Mother Eucalyptus

It was a casual day of mini miracles, completing tasks and running errands. I randomly felt guided to drive past my old home, and found that the mother Eucalyptus tree I would walk barefoot outside to pray to every rising, was being cut down.

Upon arrival, I dramatically jumped out of my car and ran straight up to the roaring chainsaws chucking at the trees core and moaning wood chopper being fed her life giving limbs- screaming “stop!!!”

A man in vest and fastened helmet ran up to me and gracefully yet strongly embraced me in prevention of my heartful desire to stop the chopping.

I looked at him directly in the eyes with tears flowing from mine, and explained that this tree was sacred and shouldn’t be cut down. With the recognition of my passion, he immediately tapped in and began apologizing. He started telling me how he grew up praying to the land guided by his grandparents, and through time his work with earth wound him up cutting the trees rather than planting them. He said he knew what kind of tree this was, and sadly as instructed by the city, the tree had “the potential to interfere” and had to be cut down.

I looked at the other 8 men continuing on, and took awareness to the fact that perhaps I was not brought back at this moment to prevent the rest of the chopping, but to pray to her and give thanks for the life, the breath, the protection and love she has provided for me and unconsciously all who live within her area.

I got on my knees and began praying to her, and as I did the man joined me.

My tears turned to that of gratitude and trust, in knowing that Mother Earth is eternal, and today she served a lesson in sacrifice to her own.

And with that, she rebirths us all anew.

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I teared up reading that, you reminded me of a book I was read to in my childhood called “The Giving Tree”

If a tree has to die we can at least return its body to the Earth, where it will nourish the living soil, and if you grow food in that soil, you… (leaves, twigs, branches, & chips used as a mulch, or piled on top of larger logs, covered with soil and turned into a Hugelkultur, which will turn into a nutrient-rich water sponge into which other plants can dig their roots and be nourished for many years)


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