Personal Renunciation

Personal Renunciation

There is great power in personal renunciation. Relinquishing the identities and confinements of your past self and expired versions of who you used to be.

Resigning from the self-proclaimed status, personality traits, attributes, and ways of being that no longer serve you.

Allowing room for new habits, activities, and desires to calibrate— and thus create you anew.

As you relinquish control and let go of these expired and confining beliefs, identities, and past contracts with yourself to explore new ones.. you become free.

You release the chains of confusion that kept you from being able to actually see yourself.

You settle in the unknowing, find sanctuary within the process, and enjoy the becoming. You realize it’s always, you.

A fresh new flux of energy has come with the year of 2023, and you may be feeling the vibe to emerge anew, too. Are you?


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