I promise you, the shit you’ve been shoveling through is growing you.

Truth has seeded, freedom has fertilized, and the roots that originally birthed you, now redirect to interweave in a new way.

As you break through the illusory entrapment of the soil, you reveal the fact that you are now— a new flower.

Your shape, texture, colors, hues and smell— all different.

Yet you are somehow, the same seed.

Marinating in the center of your own nectar,
A new precious potency now exudes from you—
Delicate, purified, and delicious.

And perhaps even slightly, overwhelming.

Yet with this awareness you look beyond the temporary times in which you forge through sediment that seems unbreakable..

And instead encode the eternal knowing within you now— so that every motion from this moment on, radiates with this divine essence.

Any areas of confusion— crystallize with clarity.

Nourishing every garden through the foundational connection of your purposed existence.

Take your shit and repurpose it so that it can feed the future.

You are both the gardener, and the garden itself.

Thank you for choosing to grow on earth, tending to connected gardens, at this time🤍 I see, feel, and appreciate you. Truly.
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