Dancing with duality, to liberate the essence.

As we move through and bring light to even the most uncomfortable, intense and extreme energies and emotions— we transmute them.

Especially when done and directed with pure intention, precision, presence and power.

We do this— by facing and feeling the discomfort and distortion so fully, that the core of it reveals and can express freely within the containers and spaces created.

Acknowledging, witnessing, not attaching, expressing, and releasing. The alchemy.

Otherwise a build up of dual energies creates internal toxic blockages, and the need for spontaneous explosions of it— often in inconvenient and unideal situations.

Energy never dies, it is only relocated, and redirected.

Doing so intentionally; brings balance and harmony to your mind, body, spirit and soul.
Quantum leaping you to an advanced, healed timeline and reality.

Sending blessings of bliss, joy, health, happiness, gratitude, beauty and divine magic✨ May everything be received as the gift that it is. And So It Is.

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