Sister Queens

Sister Queens

Worlds merge when women come together
A sacred source of divinity is cultivated
Secreted from their pores,
Alchemizing on the skins of one another
Intoxicating aromas from the burning of their hearts
Their voices harmonizing into songs and symphonies
Feminine curves connecting to form ancient symbols of invocation
Dances of joy become worship and prayer
Pleasure and play rippling into all reflections
Fueling the collective through their own inner-alignment
Auras cleansed, by tears of their sacred waters
Their juices, healing elixirs
Blood to nourish the bones of Mother Earth
We meet once again sisters,
This time- a new story
It’s an honor to write this one with you

Spread your Wings 𓆃
To see the sparkle that has set
The weight that has left
The spectrum of your depth

Fresh layers now revealing
Gratitude for the peeling
The intricacy of healing
A new strength, now sealing

Beauty that is fresh
Passing all the tests
Relax into the rest
Simply, enjoy your breath



  • Brady


  • NIcole

    I remember. <3

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