My sober Psychedelic Experience

My sober Psychedelic Experience

I’ve heard of people unlocking dormant elixirs of psychedelic plant medicine inside of them after taking it years prior, through sober experiences of a colonic, enemas or some form of bodily cleansing— as plant medicines store within the crevices of your physical system; inspiring you to continue doing joyful work towards further enlightenment..

And a few nights ago it happened for me.

I was fasting and did a liver cleanse (which makes you poo like 44 times) and was energetically high off the clarity I physically felt. I went to sleep with a particular excited feeling similar to what pulses through me before medicine hits, but again I was completely sober and unaware of what was about to occur as I laid down to do my normal energetic rituals.

The next 10 hours consisted of the most lucid waking dreams I’ve experienced, full access in co-creation to the divine astral realms, and spurts of waking from sleep fully to integrate the messages— literally vibrating with excitement and golden light gratitude that surrounded me while also overflowing through me. All of my guides and source higher self were present throughout the process, applauding my human along as I dove in deeper.

There were many realizations, recalibrations, and reorganization’s of my spirit and soul body combined that came through, and it felt like multiple psychedelic medicines mixed into one. The artistic visions of Ayahuasca, and condensed clarity of Iboga were most familiar to me, equipped with an integration of all that was arising in between the lucid dream realities that felt even more tangible than the 3rd/5th dimensional realms in which we regularly experience here on earth.


Again, I was sober, and it’s been about a year and a half since I’ve consumed any plant medicines of the sort.

Regardless of if it was dormant plants imbedded within my system from taking them prior, or my own inner elixirs secreting to surface inside me— the medicine is always within.

The codes in which all seek, are innately abundant and awaiting to be awakened when it is time.

Follow your journey with total devotion, and the answers to the questions that have even yet to be spoken, will reveal.

You are the medicine.

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