Hue-man Suffering

Hue-man Suffering


No outside force or happening has the power or ability to ‘make’ you suffer- it is all in the mind. This correlates on a cosmic level, but also a very human level as well-

Money, loss, heartache- it all hurts deep within our hearts and sometimes manifests in other parts of our bodies, but there actually isn’t a reason to further inflict suffering on yourself past the point of learning from it.

'Suffering,’ from a traumatic event like a car crash, losing a job, relationship, family member etc, only physically permeates within the human system for 7 minutes- after that it has done its job to give you insight on the way that life works; the celestial continuance of flow and the importance of detachment to a constant in the physical realm.

But anything beyond those 7 minutes is self inflicted. If you are still suffering from an event that took place in your life, that isn’t right now, than yöu are the reason.

Remove yourself from the situation, adjust your perception and determine the lesson intended for your personal evolution, and move on to the present moment. When one door closes- or rather slams shut on your face, it is only to clear the energy to provide you with a new set of doors to choose from.

Allow yourself to understand the universe is in support of your existence, and simply just trying to help you advance, with the intention for your ascension.

Sending Love and Light,


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