The Truth

The Truth

“How do you know when something is true?”

You can not convince someone of a truth.
It can not be explained, performed or articulated.
A truth, can only felt,
In order to be known.

That is the only way one can fully and completely determine whether or not something is actually true—
If the resonance of realness reverberates in your cells, when the structures are spoken.
Interweaving and winding to reconnect what has been dormant and temporarily forgotten; to be remembered.

Whether the mind believes it or not, there is a deep inner knowing that determines and discerns beyond the human’s current or past experiences.
A knowing untainted by traumas, fears, misunderstandings and egoic arrangements.
A truth that will inevitably reveal.

One can temporarily “believe” something to be true, or project a reality of it being so as an unconscious protective mechanism— yet it is all divine because that simply creates a pathway for the soul to be initiated into an alternative and advanced path. Always leading one to reclaim and better actualize their own power, in honor of what is true in totality.
And regardless; The Divine Plan of all that is real and is to be realized; will never falter. It can not be disturbed or disrupted.

The Truth; is the one that calls to the part within you that is an extension of the same divine essence and holy power of God, Source, Creator, and guides you to remember— when you listen.
Dissolving any fear, illusory projection or entrapment developed by lower parts of the mind, and freeing one to recognize the true beauty that is and will continue to be birthed through all that is meant.

We are all emanations of consciousness creating different realities, and all are real while you cocreate them through believing they are true— because you will be supported in seeing it as so while you resonate with it. Yet if built upon fear and fractured facts; ultimately those “realities” will reveal false, and clarify what is real through the contrast.

Soon all will be known; realized, recognized, and remembered✨

May this take place with grace, ease, enjoyment, and bring harmony, health, vibrancy, joy, bliss and true unity of the Divine.

And So It Is

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