Protection from Projection

Protection from Projection

People try to project onto me what to share and speak about all the time.
Yet it’s a waste of energy because that simply is not possible for me.
It is not in my encoding to be subject to another’s projection of me, to be a certain way.

I get comments/messages of people projecting their own angled opinions and missing view points towards me, often—

I do, consider the information and always take a moment to reflect personally and discern if there is a space for me to learn and expand in a way, yet there is also a knowing that everyone will always have their own perception of me, and that is a reflection of them— therefore, it’s none of my business.

I am here to be me. I remain anchored, unwavering and consistent in honoring this. This is my devotion.

Often in the projection there is a temporarily forgotten key component— that we are all purposed to serve and embody different missions.
Individual and unique with our own divine expressions.
We are here to focus on different matters and be conduits of light and information for certain topics, energies, invocations and remembrances.

We aren’t supposed to all focus on sharing the same topics, nor are we called to the same missions. Energy is sacred and must be directed by authentic passion and resonance. Not by force or guilt or any other low vibration.

There is a way to communicate, express, share and unite in a way in which empowers everyone and even allows for this co-creative mission, to be enjoyable.

Information is light, so please illuminate.
Yet make sure to do so accordingly, being present as to what you are not validating or are still denying within yourself, before trying to project for another to act, share, or express a certain way.

Claim your energy and attention back to yourself, and perhaps take responsibility to respond to the matter in which you desire to be addressed, and take action accordingly. Lead the way.

We are here to rise with each other.
Do not let any story or happening of the past make you forget that, as we move forward.
We have chosen to embody and exist in a more sacred and harmonious way than has been before.

Let us unite and enlighten and share from this space. And So It Is
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