Sacred Medicine of Rapé

Sacred Medicine of Rapé

The grandfather medicine of Rapé (pronounced hah-pei) has been revered for thousands of years, extending back to the ages of the wise ancient Incas.

Administered ceremonially through the nose— the sacred combination of tobacco rustica (different from smoking tobacco) and other medicinal plants, tree barks, seeds and flowers— infiltrates with great intention. Wrapping up and around your pineal gland to decalcify blockages, activate clarity, and ground you in your own embodied presence.

The ritual of Rapé is an instant pattern interruption— with psychotropic properties that immediately assist to shift the mental state of those connecting to the plant spirit. Actively aligning a balance of tranquil calmness, and alert awareness within all realms involved.

Rapé itself is not psychoactive, yet is often used in convergence with other psychoactive healing plant medicines like Ayahuasca and Huachuma, to ground and support.

When partaking in the world of the grandfather medicine (and all medicines/forms of manifestation) it is necessary to honor it, and where it comes from. The people, the cultures, the lands, the lineages, and plants of its origin. We must carry these messages with respect and maintain them intact to the best of our ability.

Spiritually, it is suggested to actively set intentions, locate yourself in a meaningful environment and/or specific energetic field, and initiate a meditative state, in order to efficiently and effectively receive the codes of the medicine. The tools to self-serve are called Kuripes, and to administer for another; you use a Tepi.

It is expected that one experiences the release of emotional tensions, discomforts, unhelpful resistances, and allows for clarity of previous confusion, when honoring the plant medicine of Rapé.

Rather than seeking for answers externally, the medicine reminds you how to be present enough to realize— you already have the answers within.

We honor and enjoy the tools, because we have been gifted them; to do so.

Have you tried Rapé or is it a part of your personal practice?

p.s the magical man in the photo preparing to serve me is my guy Aaron Doughty @aarondoughty44 ♥️

Blessings to you! 

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