This is it—

This is it—

How to legit live your BEST life:

Live in prayer. Exist as a vessel for blessings to manifest naturally through you, as you trust and allow them to be seen.

Honor everything as sacred, speaking beauty and benevolence into all movements that take place, translate, and are guided through you.
Regardless of what it looks or feels like at any point— thank it. Engulfing yourself in utter gratitude for every single moment.

The appreciation— your contribution.
The honoring— your worship.
The presence— your prayer.

With this, it all reveals as a miracle.
The truth of its nature, and core essence sent to gift you.
It all becomes more vibrant, more potent— and you fully receive the medicine it all has to unconditionally offer, in abundance.

You’ll notice the people, opportunities and situations you further encounter— thus increase to reflect this chosen awareness.
Making it almost impossible not to love, enjoy and celebrate every second.

See it all as sacred, and it will continue to reveal as so. Your willingness to receive the Divine, is always rewarded.

And So It Is•

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